Drew Butler

Age: 27
Sport: Professional Football Player
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Residence: Chandler, AZ
College: University of Georgia


Expectations determine outcomes.

-Drew's Motto

Drew Butler — former All-American at the University of Georgia and current punter for the reigning NFC West Division champion Arizona Cardinals — lives by a simple but nonetheless profound motto: “If it is to be, it is up to me.” And that sort of bootstrap mentality comes in handy in the cutthroat world of the NFL. For now, he’s setting his sights on helping his team garner a Super Bowl win.

The son of UGA standout and NFL kicker Kevin Butler said he still calls his family before every game as part of a pre-game ritual that also involves threading his cleats with new laces, but when he’s not preparing for an upcoming game, he’s likely thinking or talking about Georgia football — not just because he’s a fan, though. Drew, a journalism major in college, hosts a radio show that discusses the gridiron goings-on of his alma mater.

Drew's Favorites